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Week Beginning 18/1/21 

This week we are still working on our Homes and Houses topic. This week we have been looking at the home of the 3 Bears. We have acted out the story using puppets. Joe and Tommy helped Miss Thomas to write this sentence. 


Houses and Homes 

Houses and Homes
Week starting 6th January

After listen to the story (This is the house that Jack built) Joe used really good cutting skills and built his own house. Tommy and Joe enjoyed learning how to programme the Bee Bots and sent them to different rooms in the big house.Tommy and Joe enjoyed the story of the 3 Little Pigs. They were able to join in with the repeated phrases throughout the story.
Tommy did a video recording of the 3 Little Pigs using the puppets. He was able to remember every detail really well.


Week beginning 11/1/21 

Homes and Money!

We started this week with some sessions on money - making amounts up to 10p and checking which coins are equivalent to 5p, 10p , 20p, 50p and £1. 
Our homes topic is getting off to a great start. On Monday we looked at different kinds of homes. We are learning to write sentences. The children made up this sentence for me to scribe. I modelled the writing with the children helping me with my spelling. We then read the sentence back and improved on some of the words, 'house' got changed to 'caravan' and we added the adjective 'big'. We also remembered about using finger spaces. 
In our Tuff Tray we have the houses of the 3 Little Pigs all ready to build!  


Spring Term Week Beginning 4/1/21 

Happy New Year from the ARC team!

We welcome our children back for another term of learning. We were very proud of our group today, they were focused and ready to learn despite all the uncertainty. 

In our maths we are learning about money. This includes sorting coins, ordering coins, playing money games and role playing shops. 

Today, we had a shop keeper Tommy and a customer Joe. Joe was a very polite customer and brought a pair of scissors in the shop costing 8p! 


14/12/2020 Christmas Week at School 


The ARC enjoyed learning about the Christingle and found out that:
The orange represented the world
The 4 sticks were the four seasons [Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter]
The red ribbon represented blood - Life of Jesus

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.
We look forward to seeing you all on Monday January 4th.

Stay safe and have lots of Christmas fun.


Week Beginning 7/12/20 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... in the ARC. Today we put up the tree and then we all had fun decorating it. We have been practicing our fine motor skills to pick out the pom poms and decorate a Christmas tree. We also have the characters from the Nativity to act out the story. 

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Week Beginning 30/11/20 

There has been some fantastic team work going on in the ARC this week. The boys worked to together to build this helicopter and then the took it outside to play together. They role-played an emergency situation where they needed to use the helicopter to capture the robbers. They took turns on the bike. This is an example of then co-operating stage of Play in our PSHE scheme. 
In Maths we have been learning to tell the time, making  o'clock and half past times on the clock and learning routines of different times of the day. 
Literacy learning involved reading 'The Fearsome, Frightening, Ferocious Box' which deals with the emotion of feeling scared. We talked about the things that make us scared. We also talked about how sometimes what we are worried about is not scary at all - like the rabbit in the box. All the other animals thought that the box would contain a really frightening creature. What animals do you think we put in our boxes? 

In the nursery, Freddie has really enjoyed shooting the cars down the tube. He is getting so good at standing now! 

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Week Beginning 23/11/20 

This week we are reading the story of The Red Beast. This is an angry creature that lives inside the tummy of  a boy called Rufus. His teachers help Rufus  to calm his beast when it gets angry. We thought about ways that could help us to calm when we feel angry. Tommy picked three things that help him: 
1. Taking deep breaths
2. Counting to 10
3. Spending some quiet time somewhere safe like under a blanket. 

He has practiced each one of these this week ( see photos below). 

We have also been finishing our work on 3D shapes. Tommy explained that the difference between the square based pyramid and the triangular based pyramid in his model. He discovered that spheres were no good on top because they just roll off. Joe has been investigating the difference between cubes and cuboids. We decided that a cuboid was a "stretched" cube.  We used the 3D shapes to make some junk models. Can you spot which 3D shapes we have used? 

Freddie was feeling really brave this week. He explored all around the school using his walking frame! 

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Week Beginning 16/11/20 

This week we are celebrating Harvest in the ARC. Can you spot Tommy's tomato in our Tuff Tray harvest scene? 

We have also been reading stories about being angry. On Monday we read Temper Temper and then we created our own Temper Monsters and gave them a name. You can see them in the photos below. 

In maths we are learning to recognise and name 3D shapes. We tested which ones roll and which ones we could build towers with. Joe made a fantastic castle and added his own sphere onto the pyramid. Tommy was able to make a cuboid, a pyramid, a sphere and a cone out of play dough.  

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Remembrance day 11/11/20 

Remembrance Day 
Tommy and Joe listened really carefully to the text about Remembrance Day and why we celebrated it. They were able to retrieve information and explain what Remembrance Day was.
Joe enjoyed making poppy biscuits and Tommy make a big poppy to remember all the soldiers that had died in war to save us.


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