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Week beginning 27/09 

We started a new unit in Literacy this week all about lists, labels and captions.  It is based on the book "Not a stick" by Antionette Portis.  A link to the video is below.  We've practiced making lists and thinking of different imaginative uses for sticks.

In Numeracy we've been continuing to order objects and numbers.  This can be tricky and so we've used the Numicon to help us think about the size of numbers compared with each other.

In ICT this week we programmed each other!! And learned about debugging (correcting mistakes).  Creating detailed instructions can be tricky so we also made symbol instructions for getting from one side of the room to the otehr.


Week beginning 20/09 

In Literacy we have been practicing using adjectives and reading the important / tricky words for the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We really enjoyed the tricky word scavenger hunt!
At the end of the week we completed our Three Little Pigs unit by writing sentences from the story.

In Numeracy we have been practicing using the language of 'greater then' , 'less than' & 'equal to'.

We are able to say if there are enough objects to be shared equally (one-to-one correspondence).

We use the symbols <, > and = to compare numbers.

In IT we continued our work on understanding algorithms and how to program computers.  This week we had to give detailed instructions to a partner on what parts of Mr Potato-Head they had to get and where exactly to put them.

In science this week we tested out the properties of materials.

In RE, we learnt about a pecial jewish prayer called the Shema. People of the Jewish faith learn this poem when hey are children and say it three times a day. 


Week beginning 13/09 

This week in Literacy we have been continuing to learn the story of the Three Little Pigs.  We've also been learning about capitol letters and full stops and how to use them in a sentence.

In Numeracy we have been practicing our counting; fowards and backwards, one more and one less.  We've used Numicon, cubes, number tracks and our fingers to help support our learning.

In ICT we've been learning about algorithms; what they are and how they work!
We created our own simple algorithms for a duplo model for others to follow.
"Algorithms are how a computer is programmed to do something." - Flo

In music we listened to a song called "Keep the Beat" and practiced keeping time with the music.  We then appraised the song, thinking about if we liked it, how fast/slow it was and what it reminded us of.

In History we talked about our favourite toys, what made them special and what we liked about them.  We described them to others and talked about what they were made out of and how they worked.
"My robot puppy moves when you press a button on uses an algorithm." - Tom.

In RE this week we talked about the special objects that we have in our homes to remind us of special times, people and places. We looked at pictures of some special objects that may be found in a Jewish person's home. One symbol that may be found there is the star of David. We made these star of David shapes using lollipop sticks.

In science the children found objects in the classroom and identified which material each object was made from. 


Welcome to Year 1! 

Welcome back everyone...

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