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June 2024

This month we completed our Geography topic on Cornwall before starting our History topic on World War One. The children began looking into to the question ‘Was Britain Ready for World War One?’ The children started this unit by investigating when and why World War One started as well as exploring some of the main events during this war. The children also investigated which countries were involved in World War One and how. The children are currently learning about other aspects of WW1 such as soldiers, trench life, children, women and how technology evolved during this time all to help them answer our topic question.

In Literacy, we studied two books linked to WW1. We read and studied ‘The Little Hen and the Great War’ along with the story of ‘Sergeant Stubby’. The children completed lots of work on both stories and then planned, wrote and edited their own short story which involved both the main characters of the above books meeting each other during the war.

In Maths, the children continued to work hard on their times tables before completing the MTC test. They also completed the White Rose statistics unit before carrying out some of their own class surveys and creating their own bar charts to present their findings.

In RE, the children spent time looking at various religions and non-religious groups and how all of these groups of people tried to help make the world a better place. They started by identifying some of the negative things people may do or have done and the impact of those actions and then looked at the opinions of different groups and what they do to try and help the world.

This month we were lucky enough to take part in sports week which involved the children completing lots of exciting sporting events in order to help earn house points for their teams. The week ended with our traditional sports day.



April 2024

This month we began studying Cornwall. Our geography question being; ‘Where in the world do we live and how could we improve our local area?’ The children used maps and atlases to firstly look at the seven continents and after recapping that we lived in Europe the children began investigating exactly where Cornwall was located. They were able to tell me, using maps and atlases that Cornwall is in the South West of England which was part of the United Kingdom which is in Europe. They also used a local OS map to locate exactly where our local area of Gunnislake/St Ann’s Chapel is. During our next lesson the children spent time creating their own sketch map of Cornwall from a high view point. This required them to use observational skills to recreate the shapes of the coastlines. Next, the children compared local maps from the 1950’s to the present day to identify similarities and differences between them. This encouraged them to ask and answer questions about place, positions, patterns and processes whilst investigating the maps.

In literacy this month we began to read and study ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We completed lots of VIPER activities to help us learn more about what we were reading and the children spent time writing character and setting descriptions. They completed hot seating activities to help them think about the questions they may ask certain characters as well as how those characters may answer the questions. We completed work on fronted adverbials, expanded noun phrases and apostrophes to help us prepare for or final write. The children used a story plan to plan out the story of the Iron Man from his point of view. They used writing toolkits to make sure they were including all of the necessary features.

In Maths we finished our decimal unit whilst continuing to practice our times tables.

In Science the children have been learning about ‘Changing States’. They identified the three different states and learnt about their particle arrangements and properties. They looked at reversible and irreversible changes and melting and boiling points of different materials. They then planned out an experiment investigating the melting points of different foods.

This month we were lucky enough to have a visit from and ambulance and paramedic who taught us lots about the things on an ambulance and what they are used for. The children enjoyed asking questions to find out even more.

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March 2024

This month we have been studying the Vikings. Our history question was; ‘Who were the Vikings and what impact did they have on Britain?’ The children asked and answered questions about the past and evaluated the reliability of their evidence to discover more about this period in history. They uncovered where the Viking period came in our history timeline and then who the Vikings were, where their homelands where and where and why they came and settled here. They then looked at the impact the Vikings had on Britain by studying how Britain was before the Vikings came to settle, how it was during their raids and this era and then after the Viking era ended.

In Literacy this month we have been studying the story ‘Arthur and the Golden Rope’. We read the story as a class over the course of the month whilst completing VIPER activities and using our Fab Four characters to investigate the story in more detail. The children completed lots of SPaG work, particularly focusing on expanded noun phrases, direct speech and fronted adverbials before eventually planning, writing and editing their very own short story as an unlikely hero.

In Maths we completed lots of work on fractions. The children also spent lots of time working on their multiplications. We have been using Times Table Rockstars to help increase our recall of times table facts.

In Science this month we celebrated science week by completing several extra science investigations in addition to our electricity unit. The children spent lots of time investigating circuits in their unit of learning and looking at renewable and non-renewable sources and electrical safety. Our extra investigations involved the children researching farming of the future and then used the Tinkercad software to design their own farm of the future. They also used Scratch Jnr. to explore time travel. After researching what time travel could be the children demonstrated how it might look using the Scratch Jnr. app.



January 2024

We started the month with an Ancient Egyptian day which involved the children exploring the Liverpool museums virtual Egyptian exhibition, locating Egypt on maps and atlases, assessing what they already knew about Ancient Egypt and using different art techniques to transform themselves into pharaohs. During the course of the month the children continued to study Ancient Egypt, becoming historians by firstly, asking and answering lots of questions about the past and evaluating the reliability of their evidence. Then, they used different primary and secondary sources of evidence to learn about this period of history. Finally, they compared now and then to look at how things have or haven’t changed over time looking for similarities and differences to answer our question ‘What was it like to be Tutankhamun and how does it compare to my life as a nine-year-old?’.

In Literacy this month we have been studying the story ‘How to train your dragon’ We read the story as a class over the course of the month whilst completing VIPER activities and using our Fab Four characters to investigate the story in more detail. The children completed lots of SPaG work, particularly focusing on expanded noun phrases, direct speech and fronted adverbials before eventually planning, writing and editing their very own chapters for the story.

In Maths we completed lots of work on multiplication and division. The children spent time using various different written methods to help them complete the given calculations.

In Art/DT this month the children designed and created their own clay tiles with their hieroglyphic initials. They also completed observational drawings of Ancient Egyptian artefacts using different shading techniques to add tone and detail. The children used a range of different techniques and processes to create a piece of print work based on Ancient Egypt. They created a watercolour base before using a roller to print their black painted silhouettes onto the base.

In Music the children have started to learn the glockenspiel. After recapping some of the vocabulary and terminology the children have learnt to play several different notes and have begun playing these alongside different tunes, many recognisable to them.

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to school and happy new year!

It has been lovely to see all of the children back in school, please find below a copy of this terms class newsletter.

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November 2023

We have had another busy month in Polzeath class. This month in Geography we have been looking into the question ‘What impact did travel during the time of the Tudors have on the world as we know it?’ The children have really enjoyed investigating the things travellers during the Tudor period found and how they impacted people then and now. They researched Sir Francis Drake and his circumnavigations, thinking about his discoveries and their impact on us today. The children also explored maps and atlases, in particular focusing on maps created back during the Tudor times and then comparing them to maps from today. They researched the tools that used to be used to draw and plot maps and thought about the reliability of them compared to the technology used today. The children learnt about the Mercator Projection and the distortions between a globe and a map. They then began to research some of the other travellers of the Tudor period and how their discoveries impacted the world as we know it as well as trade that happened between certain countries and how some of those trade links are still used today. The children came up with some brilliant ideas about the discoveries made and the affects of them since.

In Literacy we have begun to look at biographies, they children investigated what they are and some of their features. They then completed lots of SPAG work relating to the features of biographies. The biographies we have been focusing on are those of inventors and the children will be planning and writing their own biography for an inventor.

In Maths we continued with our work on times tables whilst completing a multiplication and division unit.

For Design and Technology this month we have been completing a big project for the upcoming DT Winter Wonderland Exhibition. The children researched and then planned out their own winter wonderland fairground ride. They completed a planning booklet before collecting their own resources and equipment and then making their ride. They used several different tools to help ensure they were able to construct a strong, stable structure that was also eye catching. They then created the moving element and added the finishing touches. This will be tested and evaluated against their original success criteria.

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October 2023

We have had another busy month in Polzeath class. We finished off our Geography topic on Climate Change by writing and recording our own fact file type reports. The children also recorded what they have learnt about the topic in various different ways.

In Science we completed our work on different habitats that are being affected by climate change and finished off the unit by completing an Escape room style activity.

In Literacy we read the book ‘I can Save the Earth’ and the children completed lots of work on persuasive texts before they wrote their own persuasive text to try and persuade people to help curb climate change.

In Maths we continued our work on times table whilst completing an addition and subtraction unit. In particular we focused on column addition and subtraction methods.

In Art we used a range of multimedia techniques to create multi media art including posters and collages. The children also completed lots of sketchbook work and some watercolour art work this month.

In RE we finished our Hinduism topic by making links between Hindu practices and the idea that Hinduism is a way of life.

Our PE this month was handball. The children learnt the skills of handball before playing full games where they transferred those skills.



September 2023

We have had a busy first month in Year 4. They children have settled in and are getting used to the new routines and work load.

This month we have been looking into Climate Change. This has run through our Literacy, Geography and Science work. The children have researched and recapped what climate change is and its affect on the planet and more specifically, in Science, different habitats within the various climate zones. We read the book ‘The bear in the stars’ in Literacy and the children completed lots of work on word clauses and the structures of stories. They then re-wrote the story in their own words and wrote their own endings. After investigating the different climate zones the children picked an animal from three different zones and completed work on how climate change was affecting those animals and their habitats.

In Maths we have started our daily times table work this month as well as completing our place value unit. We have covered number lines, rounding and roman numerals. The children particularly enjoyed learning our roman numerals song.

In Art, the children have completed lots of work on Climate change, creating art work that represents the planet both with climate change and what the planet would look like if we were able to slow the rate of it down. The children also created multimedia posters to help encourage and persuade people to help curb climate change.

In Music they have investigated what pitch, tempo, dynamics and rhythm mean and listened to lots of different styles of music to better understand the instruments involved. The children also listened to the ‘Carnival of the Animals’ and made notes about the animals they believed the music was representing, they then sketched these in the sketchbooks whilst re-listening to the music.

In RE the children have begun looking at Hinduism in Britain. In particular they have looked at how Hindus worship and show their faith in Modern Britain.

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