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Welcome Back Polzeath Class - Year 4
Mrs Marshall 


We are about to begin the new Autumn Term after a considerable amount of time away from school during the Covid Pamdemic and I know everyone that works across both Delaware and Gunnislake school cannot wait to welcome the children back to their new classes.

I very much hope that the children quickly settle in and feel excited about the term ahead which we know will be full of wonderful new learning expereinces for everyone. 

With new classes formed and children from both school sites being welcomed into each year group, it will be a good opportunity for new friendhsips to evolve. There will also be new pupils joining our school and we look forward to welcome them and making sure that they soon feel a great sense of belonging as well.

This week it will be really important to make sure that we establish clear routines and make sure that everyone knows where things are. The school day will be slightly different with staggered playtimes and lunchtimes and obviously new classrooms that might look a bit different to how they looked before.

Each class teacher uploaded a video onto the school facebook page so hopefully you have been able to take a look at how our classroom looks. I have also shared some of the photographs to this class website page so you can see what things will look like. 


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W/B 04/01/2021

Happy New Year!
Well here we are again in lockdown 3 and starting a full schedule of home learning!
A huge well done to all the children and families for embracing this week of home learning, after spending just one day  back in the classroom before the lockdown was enforced.
The children have all been so enthusiastic and it has been a joy seeing all the work they have been sending in and we are looking forward for more super work in the days to come!



Christmas art and and crafts.

What a busy last couple of weeks we have had! The children have been very busy making lots of wonderful christmas gifts for their families. They have made wooden centrepieces, clay tree decorations, christmas shortbread, hot chocolate stirrers, xmas wreaths and have sewn felt decorations!

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w/b 30/11/20 It's electrifying!

In Science we've been making circuits to light up bulbs.  We then used a variety of different materials to add to the circuits to find out which were insulators
or conductors.

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Dragon dancing 
W/b 23.11.20

As part of their dance unit in P.E the children created their own dragon dances, linking beautifully with our current dragon topic!

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Dragon DT, Remembrance day and Children in Need.


This week has been a very busy week, we all enjoyed getting very messy putting the first layer of papier-mache on our dragon head and he is already looking great, even though he is not yet finished! On Wednesday we observed the two minutes silence  at eleven o'clock for Remembrance day and this was focus for our guided reading and we wrote some wonderful acrostic poems. Today as we raised money for Children in Need, we watched a film and had popcorn, it was brilliant fun!

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Our wonderful Dragon Eyes ...

21st October 2020

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Hockey with Arena


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Autumn 1
Science Unit - Sound 


How do we hear sounds?
What do our ears do?
How do you change the pitch of a sound?
Why are some sounds loud and some sounds quiet?


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Our Viking project so far...

In our Viking research we have been trying to find out if the Vikings were Victorious and Vicious. We have learnt about their modes of transport, their home life, food and cooking habits, their beliefs about the Viking Gods and also the special place Valhalla. Next half term we will continue to discover even more about the life of the Vikings so that we can decide if they were either vicious or victorious and why? 
Take a look at our gallery of photographs to see where our journey has taken us so far ...


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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

All Bridge Schools are now closed. Delaware will provide a 'Hub service' for Gunnislake children who are children of key workers and vulnerable groups.

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