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Week Beginning 20.9.21 

This week we've continued to focus on following our school rule - to be kind. The children have shown many acts of kindness towards their friends. These have involved comforting each other when they're feeling upset, sharing toys, holding the door open for the class when walking to the hall and talking politely to each other.

We have had another delivery of some new play equipment which has proved great fun! The children have really enjoyed playing with the barrels. This has linked brilliantly to the story we've been learning in class as we've been learning the Bear Hunt story so the children have been able to go over, under and through the barrels. We also reinforced this learning during our forest school session this week.

In PE we practised running around without bumping into anyone or anything. We had fun running relay races and then went outside to practise jumping over hurdles. We talked about how we feel when we exercise and the changes that happen to our bodies.

We've continued to learn about ourselves and this week we've been looking at our faces in a mirror. The children looked closely to check the colour of their eyes and hair and then painted their features.

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Week Beginning 13.9.21 

We've been learning the school rules this week and have focused on being kind to each other. We looked at photographs of different people and discussed how we thought they were feeling. We talked about what makes us feel happy, sad or angry. We then thought about how we could help our friends if they were feeling sad or angry. We introduced a class reward system so that the children can add beads to the jar when they are being kind to others and when they are following the school rules. The children are very excited about this as when they fill the jar they can bring a toy into school.

We've started to learn some letter sounds and this week we've started to blend the sounds together to read simple words. Fred the frog always joins in with phonics and the children have really enjoyed meeting him. We've also started to learn how to write some of the letters. I've been very impressed with the effort the children are putting into this as many are finding this quite tricky. We've talked about how we can be like Mr Bump so that we keep trying and don't give up. We've started to say 'I can't do it YET' rather than 'I can't do it.'

In PE we focused on how to keep safe whilst in the hall. We practised moving around the hall safely without bumping into anyone or anything. We also started to learn about different jumps. This week we jumped like frogs.

In music we listened to a variety of different music from classical to pop. We showed how it made us feel using our facial expressions. We then moved in different ways in response to the music. The children were very good at identifying whether the music made them feel happy or sad. One of the children commented that "It makes me feel calm."

We went in our forest school area on Wednesday afternoon and learnt how to carry sticks and branches safely. The children were brilliant at this and everyone had a lot of fun. Some of the children made dens while others enjoyed exploring the area.

There was great excitement on Tuesday as our slide was put up in our outside area. The children have been fantastic at lining up and waiting for their turn! I'm really proud of how everyone has settled in and am really looking forward to seeing them all next week.

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Welcome to Reception! 

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely summer and I hope your child has enjoyed their first week at school. I have been so impressed with everyone as all the children have settled in brilliantly and quickly adjusted to the new routines. I'm very excited to get to know all the children and to have lots of fun with our learning!

I have attached the class newsletter which gives you some information about our learning for this term.

If you have any questions please ask.

Many thanks, Miss Martin

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