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Week beginning 20.9.21 

What a fun week we have had this week.

In literacy we continued our Three Pigs unit, looking carefully at punctuation and finally writing the story. Wow, you absolutely blew me away with your fantastic writing Fistral Class! 

In maths we have been continuing our work on place value, using 10p and 1p coins to represent two digit numbers and also using addition. Some of us even had a go at some complex partitioning.

In Science we did an investigation into which material was the best for building houses for the Three Pigs. We had lots of fun building and blowing down our houses. We also looked at how we could change the shape of some objects made of everyday materials by bending, squashing, twisting and squashing.

Next week we are starting a new literacy unit all about slime! If you have chance this weekend, see if you can play with some slime and see if you can think of some words to describe it. We will be making our own next week to help us write instruction, I can't wait!

Have a good weekend.

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Week beginning 13.9.21 

Wow, we have already reached the end of week 2!
We have started to really get stuck into our learning this week.

In numeracy we have been looking at two digit numbers and learning about place value.
In literacy we are continuing with our Three Little Pigs story. We know it really well now so we are looking in a bit more detail at the punctuation this week. 

We have also started learning about materials in Science. We have been looking at toys, thinking about what they are made of and learning to describe their properties. We made the most of the sunshine and went on a hunt outdoors for things made of different materials.

In music this week we listened to 'The Click Song' by Miriam Makeba who was an award winning South African singer. We discussed what the song made us think about and drew some pictures of what we imagined when we listened to it. We had some interesting results from Godzilla to a tropical island!

In P.E. we continued with our gymnastics learning.

Have a lovely weekend and a good rest ready for some more exciting learning next week.

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Week beginning 6.9.21 

Welcome back everyone!

Please see the newsletter below for all the information regarding Year 2.

Thank you.

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