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Week Beginning Monday 23rd March

I hope that you are all well and coping with the new situation.

These are some suggested 'Home Learning' ideas for the week ahead.  Please visit Delaware website and look at class Perranporth's blog for the resources. Once Mr Hamillton is back after the Easter holidays he will post home learning for the class each week!

This week we would be continuing with our learning about Fractions. I will attach some of the powerpoints and activity sheets for you to use at home if appropriate.(See Perranporth's class blog on Delaware's website) I would also like the children to regularly practice their times tables and access Mathletics as much as possible. 

English: During this week we would be focusing on these spellings. I will also attach the spelling list for year 3/4 and 5/6.
Spelling - week 6

Daily Reading  - choose a book from the recommended reading list or on Oxford Owl. 

This week in school we are learning all about clouds. What can you find out about clouds? Look at how clouds are represented by famous artists. Maybe create some cloud artwork of your own.

Guided Reading:
All about Easter - see the attached document for the text and related questions. 




Volcanoes - How do they erupt? 

Volcanoes - how do they erupt?

This half term, Class 2 are writing explanation texts about how volcanoes are made and why they erupt before researching about natural disasters of their own choice and creating their own explanation booklets. Later, they will be exploring the world of the tabloids; identifying how newspaper reports are structured before planning and writing their own newspaper report about the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius. 

In Maths, children are developing their knowledge of; fractions, decimals and percentages, along with area, perimeter and finally number sense. 

In our topic lessons, children will be creating and painting paper mâché volcanoes, waterproofing them and then making them erupt using knowledge of chemical reactions. We will also be exploring the parts of the earth and volcanoes before investigating where to find volcanoes. Children can look forward to animating their own short clips by using their own figurines and their pre-made volcanoes to recreate a clip of Mount Vesusvius exploding and the local people trying to escape the blast.  


Welcome to Class 2 

What are we learning in Class 2 this term?        September 2019

Dear Parents/Carers and children,


Welcome back after the summer, I hope you all had a good break.  The children have settled well into their new class


This term our Curriculum Topic is:

What is above our heads?


All of the work that we do during the Autumn Term will link to our Science and History topic: Space.


We will be investigating what is up there, reading stories and finding out about the lives of some very interesting people. 

During literacy, we will be looking at the life of Professor Stephen Hawking. We will be reading a book all about his life and trying to discover more about this interesting man. We will then write a detailed biography all about him and the many achievements he had within his lifetime. Our fiction focus for this term will be based around the science fiction book ‘Eric’ – an outsider who finds himself in a new mysterious world. 


Our Science focus this half term will be Stars and Planets. We will be learning all about the solar system in which we live and the many other planets and stars which share it with us. We will also be looking at light during this term; understanding what light is and what it does. 

So all in all quite a packed programme. You can help support your child in school by reading with them as often as you can, helping them with any homework in their ‘Living and Learning Books’, encouraging them to use Times Table Rockstars and Mathletics.


Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to come and find me at the end of the school day or make an appointment via the office.

Kind regards

Mr Clatworthy



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