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Home Learning 


Dear Parents/Carers,

I will be sending home some individual learning packs for the children tomorrow. This will provide them with plenty to do next week. I will then add further activities and ideas to this page after the Easter holidays. 

Many thanks for your support at this difficult time.

Claire Martin


Acrostic Poems 


Over the past two weeks we have been reading various poems and discussing which ones we like and why. We have looked at the different types of poem and have learnt one and performed it to the younger children in our class. Today we wrote acrostic poems. Here is one from Ziva in Year 2.

Shooting starts in the sky.

Popping rockets flying high.

Asteroids whirling round the moon.

Cruel aliens coming soon.

Exciting fun isn't it my friend? Bye bye now it's the end!



Week beginning 9.3.20

The Bean Investigation

We talked about how to make the investigation fair by putting one bean in each pot and by putting the same amount of soil in each one. We predicted what we thought would happen and then we planted the beans and put two in the cupboard and two in the window sill. We gave one in the cupboard some water and one on the window sill some water. We will look at what happens after a couple of weeks and will record and discuss what happened and why.

The Flower Investigation

We put three white flowers in three pots of water. We then added blue food colouring to one pot and red food colouring to one. We talked about how to make the test fair by putting the same amount of water into each pot and the same amount of food colouring. We also talked about the importance of using the same type and size of flowers. We then predicted what we thought would happen and watched closely over two days to the changes that occurred. We then recorded what happened and why this may have happened. 


Design and Technology - Space Buggies 

Week beginning 10.2.20

We looked at some pictures of space buggies and discussed their features. We made a list of the features we would like our space buggies to have. We then explored how to join the wheels, axles and tech card. We designed the space buggies we would like to make and thought about the materials we would use for the various features. We then made our space buggies and used the success criteria to check we had included all the features we wanted to.

Ziva (Year 2) said "Here is the camera and this is the satellite. I've cut it fives times so that I can bend it up like a real satellite. I've made a door and inside there's a steering lever."

Some of the children enjoyed making space buggies so much that they decided to make another one out of junk modelling materials. When they finished making their new models we discussed which one they liked the best and why.

Alyssa (Year 2) said "I like this space buggy the best because it's got a sofa and eight other seats. The wheels on this one don't go round as well as the other one because the axle is stuck onto the bottom but it went through holes on the other one."


Computing - Creating pictures. 

Week beginning 3.2.20

We created space themed pictures on a drawing app. We then looked at each others pictures. We discussed the effects we liked and why. We shared ideas and discussed how to create these effects using different tools in the app. We then created pictures of the Planet Zed which we have been learning about in Literacy.

(Bottom picture)
Isabelle (Year 2) said "I used chalk for all of it but I think if I did it gain I wouldn't use chalk for the spikes because it doesn't really look good. I think it would be better to just use a thin paintbrush."


RE - The Creation Story 


Science - Bottle Rockets! 

We investigated how to make bottle rockets fly higher and further. We predicted what we thought would happen first and then we tried it out. We then talked about what happened and why.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Bottle 3 into orbit


Science - Flying animals 


We made animals out of paper by making a cone shape to fit over the top of a milk bottle. We then investigated how to make the paper animal fly up into the air. Some of the children decided to try different ideas to make their animal fly higher.

There was lots of great discussion throughout this activity. Here are some of the things some of the children said:

Ziva (Year 2) said "It didn't go higher because it was heavier."

Alyssa (Year 2) said "It did work because it went higher than the first one I made. I think it went higher because it's lighter and bigger so it can fit more air in."

Georgia (Year 1) said "I think the big bottle will make it go higher because it's got more air in it."


Art linked to Literacy 


We have been reading the story 'The Smeds and Smoos' in Literacy  so we decided to draw and label a setting from the story.

This is Georgia's picture. (Year 1)


Design and Technology - Rockets 

Week Beginning 20.1.20

We looked at some photographs of rockets and discussed the features we wanted our rockets to have. We came up with our own success criteria. We then looked at the resources available and discussed what we could use and why. We then designed our rockets while thinking carefully about the materials we would use. We then used our design to refer to when we built our rockets. When we finished we discussed what we liked about them and what we would change if we made them again.


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