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Week ending 17th September 2021 

The first full week is complete and it has certainly been a busy one. The children are now well settled into their new classes and getting stuck into their learning. I have been very impressed with their learning behaviours.  There have been many Headteacher Awards this week - the treasure chest is almost empty and I only refilled it on Monday. Awards this week go out to Caiden, Ruby C, Alyssa, Eddie, Freddie, Isabelle D, Oli, Hugo, Tom D, Marley, Mikey, Jamie, Ellie, Eva, Una, Drazik, Rayne, Max, Isobel, Maria, Ross,  and Ivy-May - Wow how amazing!  (Sorry if I missed anyone- I will mention you next week)
The attendance prize this week goes to Year 4 with 100% attendance!
The schools are looking really lovely. Staff have worked hard to create some inviting learning environments and I wanted to share some photographs of them. Delaware base this week and Gunnislake next week.
Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend! 

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Welcome back to school! 

A very warm welcome back to school! We have had a fantastic first week (well almost a full week) back. Your children have been amazing - they all look very smart in their uniforms. The children are getting used to my new name and it has been really comical when they correct each other.
 It has been so exciting to have our first face-to face assemblies for 18 months. A few of the Year 1 and 2 children didn't know what an actual assembly even was! They are now getting used to it and are enjoying the experience. 
On Fridays we have a celebration assembly where we reward children for hard work, great learning behaviours and attendance.
This week's recipient of the, much sought after, Headteacher award are: Eliza, Barnaby, Ruby, Logan N, Ivy-May, Henry A-T, Una, Freddie, Seth and Alexus. Well done to you.
The new attendance award (an extra playtime) goes, this week to Year 5 with 98.5%.
This week we have introduced a slightly 'tweaked' behaviour strategy- I will be sending an email detailing it. Basically, you will be notified via e-mail if your child have breached the behaviour code, so that you can support us and talk to them about good behaviour choices at home too.
We have also introduced a new handwriting scheme called 'Penpals'. 
Thank you for adhering to the 'drop off' and 'pick up' regimes this week. This week has definitely felt more 'normal' than any for a while. 
Although we are not encouraging lots of adults in the school, I must stress that we are available to talk to you if you have any concerns about your child. 
Please don't forget to complete the local permissions form on Arbor.

Have a lovely weekend!

Lynn Cox


Week ending 9th July 2021 

Another busy week draws to a close. On Monday morning it was lovely to see the children spend some time in their new classes, getting to know their teachers and classrooms a little better- they seemed very excited and happy. 
Tuesday saw a well-being day - organised by Mr. Clatworthy and Arena staff. I witnessed some great team building games taking place - some of them involving the transportation of water- luckily it seemed that no-one got particularly wet!
We rounded the week off on Friday with an amazing beach trip to Looe with Harlyn Bay class. It was slightly cloudy, but that didn't dampen the children's enthusiasm and they had a fantastic time playing in the sand and jumping over the waves. It was also lovely to hear that a member of the public commented on how fantastically well-behaved the had been!

Have a great weekend ....fingers crossed for a win on Sunday - the last time that happened was the year in which I was born!!


Week ending 2nd July 2021 

We are creeping another week closer to the holidays and the calendar is getting busier! On Monday 5th July we have our transition day where the children will be visiting their classes for September in the morning. It will be great for them to visit their new classrooms so that they feel settled going into the holidays. On Tuesday there will be some well being sessions run by Arena for all pupils from Reception upwards. If you didn't catch the message on the Head's blog then, hopefully your child's class teacher will have sent you some information on SeeSaw about Sports Week this year.
I have included s photograph below of some of the Reception children and the amazing writing that they have produced over a few days- they really deserved a Headteacher's Award!
Also, the group of enterprising Year 4 pupils made (thanks also to their mum and dads) and sold cupcakes this week in aid of the World Wildlife Fund. They made an amazing £88.00! Well done George, Seth, Bethany and Alexus who came up with the ideas and the cupcakes. Also to Benjamin for helping with the sale. This make me so very proud of our pupils when they come up with these ideas, raising funds for good causes. 
I wish you all a great weekend- thank you for supporting the Year 4 initiative! (Also ....come on England!!!)

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Week ending 28/6/21 

I cannot believe how quickly this term is speeding to an end! One a month left now to the summer holidays and thoughts are turning to sport's days and school trips.
Firstly, I wanted to thank you all for adhering to the requests to continue to socially distance and wear masks when on the school premises. At this time we are all unsure as to whether lockdown measures will ease on 19th July or earlier. At present we know that we are allowed some limited mixing of bubbles so Mr. Clatworthy and Mrs. Hannaford have planned sport's week with this in mind.
Here is the proposed timetable:
Monday 19th July in the afternoon there will be team sports (Football and Netball) These will take place at the base where your child is currently taught. There will be no spectators at this event.
Tuesday 20th July
 there will be stations for bubbles where pupils will work as teams to get points.
Wednesday 21st July will be the traditional sports at the Delaware base. We will be allowing spectators to attend this event as we will be running races in 'bubbles'
9.30am - 10.45am- Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 
will run their races.
11.15am- 12.15pm- Year 3 and Year 4 will run their races.
1.30pm - 3.00pm - Year 5 and Year 6 will run their races.
Even if we are allowed full mixing after the 19th I think that, for this year, we will stick to this schedule. I look forward to seeing you during our exciting week. 


Week ending 18th June 2021 

Another busy week and 3 days has passed since we returned after the half term holidays. The children have been enjoying being outside in the glorious sunshine. On that note, would you please ensure that your child has a named hat with them to protect their head on sunny days and some 30 factor or above suncream in their school bag. Please also apply suncream to KS1 children before that come to school as they may struggle to do this unaided.
We seem to have accumulated a large amount of 'lost property' in school at the present. In order to support us in reuniting articles of clothing with their owners could I please ask you to ensure that your child's clothing is named and continue to check that the name is still there following washing of the garment.
The end of term will sometimes sadly, see members of staff living us and this term is no exception. 
Miss Jayne Martin, who has been a Teaching Assistant for many years is leaving at the end of the term. The great news is that she is departing in order to begin her teacher training. I know that she will make a brilliant teacher!
Mrs Kate Gee has also made the decision to leave at the end of term.She will be supporting her two children full time in their home schooling. They are very fortunate to have her as their full time teacher.
Miss Elowen Fleming is heading for Bath in September where she has been accepted to train as a prestigious Norland Nanny. Once qualified, these ladies look after the children of the rich and famous. Did you know that all of the nannies to Royal babies are Norland Nannies?!
Thank you to all you who have completed the survey about class structure. I will look at the results this week and be in touch very soon to let you know the structure for next year.


Week ending 28/5/21 

We have reached the end of a busy, unusual half term! Firstly, can I say that the children have been amazing! They have coped so well with hand washing and separate bubbles- well done to them all. Mr . Massey has written to everyone to say that we can have some limited mixing of bubbles after half term . I will send an e mail in the next few days explaining what this will look like. On Thursday and Friday we had some 'keeping safe' afternoons where we looked at potential dangers and how the children can protect themselves. Topics included- medicines, road safety and  electrical safety- I will post some photographs when I have some.
See the photographs below for this week's Headteacher Award recipients.
Enjoy half term. 

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Week ending 21st May 2021 

It has been another busy week of learning at school. I continue to be pleased to see some signs of 'normality' returning. A brilliant example of this has been the re-commencing of more school trips!
Miss Evans and Mr. Clatworthy definitely picked the best day of last week to take Fistral and Seaton to Minions. They had a fantastic day enhancing their learning in geography and history at this great location. I know that they especially enjoyed counting the number of stones in the Hurlers stone circle- there is a story that each time that you count them you arrive at a different number!
I am looking forward to being with Lusty Glaze next week when we are going to 'map' the route between Gunnislake and Delaware school buildings, although I am not especially looking forward to walking up the hill!
The school council met virtually last Friday and we had a productive conversation about whet they felt was going well in their learning- they all mentioned the reciprocal reading puppets and those in the KS2 classes are particularly enjoying learning French! We also discussed improvements which they would like to see. These mostly involved playtimes and providing better equipment so that they didn't get bored.
I am looking forward to another productive week.

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Week ending 7/5/2021 

What a fantastic few weeks we have had since coming back from the Easter holidays. It has been so lovely to see the children settle back into their classroom routines and also, for some 'normal' activities starting up again- after school clubs and wrap around care provision. 
I have also been delighted to see classes out and about on day trips to enrich their learning in the classroom.
Moving forward into the next few weeks we will be focussing on developing your children's reading skills. You may have heard them mention Clarissa the Clarifier cat, Quentin the Questioner Koala, Polly the Predictor Panda and Sid the Summariser squirrel! I will put the posters on this blog so that you can see the sorts of questions you can ask your children as they are reading. I hope that you find them useful . Have a great week!

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Week ending 12/2/21 

Well that's the first week with everyone safely back in school completed! It was an absolute joy to see all of your and your children's faces on Monday. The children have been really excited to be back and have been brilliant at returning to the regular hand washing rituals and keeping in separate bubbles at play and lunch times. All staff who come into contact with the children are taking twice weekly COVID 19 tests to ensure that the school is as safe as possible for all concerned.
Thank you for continuing to minimise the number of adults on the school premises at drop off and pick up times and by wearing face coverings in the playground - your cooperation is much appreciated. Let's all hope and pray that there will be no more lockdowns and that things can start to get back to some sort of 'normal'! 


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